35 years of experience

Lin’s Tailor was established in Hue in the late 70’s. Until now, Mr. Tuan – the owner of the house has spent more than 35 years in the art of meteorology, with experience from many countries in the world Lin’s Tailor has become. It should be familiar and make a mark with the Hue people in particular and the Central people in general.

Diverse - Unique

Each design is branded Lin’s Taylor express meticulous, perfection combined with the fresh, liberal trend of the times.
Diverse style – unique in each model – sure, only in each thread of the nose. There are no constraints, rigid in form or the lack of creativity in color, material

Prestige make Success

With the motto “Prestige is the beginning of success”, Lin’s Taylor always focuses on improving the quality of the future. The long-term goal of the Tailor is to get quality products to bring the brand of Lin’s Taylor more and more popular to consumers. Let’s welcome the growth, conquer the new height of the Lin’s Taylor Tailor in the future.


Vì ở đại sứ quán sang cửa hàng gần nên chọn ở đây may thử. Thật sự thợ ở Lin's Tailor may rất vừa ý của tôi, ko có chỗ nào lỗi.
John Doe
Đại Sứ Quán
Ca sĩ Randy: A Tuấn là cao thủ trong ngành may mặc. Muốn may một bộ vest chuẩn chỉnh thì hãy thử ở đây một lần.
Ca sĩ
Quen anh Tuấn từ hồi còn ở Singapore tham dự Event về may mặc. Quả thật tay nghề rất cao, hôm nay sang nhờ a ấy may và vẫn giữ quan điểm khi xưa
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